10 Real Signs Of A Virgo Man In Love

Because it is time to understand the personality traits of the man you are going to meet.

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A Virgo man in love is conventional and does not like to go out of the box. He tries to hide his emotions and making out what he feels inside is difficult. However, he drops subtle hints that you can easily decode. Remember, these personality characteristics are only specific to a Virgo man deeply and madly in love.

Otherwise, they are quite difficult to read and generally give the impression that they are disinterested and arrogant in the first meet. However, based on their horoscope readings, they are charming, practical, and tend to speak their mind without holding anything back.

So, what are the signs of a Virgo man falling in love with you? How does he expect his ideal woman to be? Keep scrolling to find out.

Characteristics Of A Virgo Man

Characteristics Of A Virgo Man
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Virgos are people born between August 23 and September 22. Virgo is governed by the element Earth, which makes people with this sign grounded to their roots. Here are some of the characteristics of a Virgo man:

  • Perfectionists: Virgo men are known to be perfectionists. If they are doing something, it has to achieve a certain level of perfection – else Virgos will be deeply bothered. They have an intense desire to do things flawlessly.
  • Down To Earth: A Virgo man will always be grounded and never let success cloud his head, this shows his devotion to any cause that he takes up. He is known to be connected to his roots despite being very successful and believes in sharing due credit with employees or team members. Since a Virgo man is an earth sign, he tends to be humble despite his achievements.
  • Practical: A Virgo man will always be rational and realistic in his approach towards anything, rather than being emotional. This is a unique trait of a Virgo, which also makes them good problem solvers and logical people. He will not waste time on ’too good to be true’ plans and instead works hard for something that can be achieved.
  • Charming: Contrary to the belief that Virgos are arrogant, a Virgo man can, in fact, be very charming when he wants to be, which adds to the attraction. He may come across as an introvert or distant at first, but this is only because a Virgo takes time to open up. In reality, a Virgo male has a rather charming personality that can make anyone notice him at a party.
  • Observant: If you are dating a Virgo man, this is no news to you. Virgos are known for their attention to detail and observation and will remember the tiniest details about you. This makes them very good at handling complicated tasks with ease that many won’t be able to pull off.
  • Unpredictable: A Virgo male may sometimes be unpredictable and difficult to understand. Does he want your attention? Does he want space? Is he just busy? Complex Virgo males will never clarify these doubts, making it difficult for you to understand them sometimes. And this may be surprising only for you, as for Virgos, everything is very logical.
  • Loyal: The Virgos are among the most loyal people you can meet. A Virgo loves with his heart and gives you his all. They make for very reliable and loyal partners in a relationship. However, if a Virgo man finds his partner is disloyal to him, he will rarely forgive them and cut off all ties without batting an eyelid.

If you are in love with a Virgo man, you may sometimes find it difficult to understand the subtle hints of his true love. To help you decode his feelings, we have listed these 10 signs.

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Celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Prince Harry, Liam Payne, Tom Hardy, and Hugh Grant are some of your most popular Virgo men.

10 Signs A Virgo Man Is In Love With You

Signs of a Virgo man in love
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A Virgo man in love will never show and profess his deep love often. By nature, he is reserved and shy. He will mostly keep his feelings and plans to himself till he is completely sure of you and the future.

Fortunately, a Virgo man in love will unknowingly leave so many hints and signs for you to know if he truly loves you. Here are the most common signs that a Virgo man could be falling in love with you.

1. He Always Has Time For You

A Virgo man in love will always have time for you. Whether you want to go for a spontaneous trip or a late-night movie, he will shift his schedules to make time for you.  If that doesn’t convince you of his commitment to you, then nothing else will.  It may seem trivial at first, but this is a huge step for the organized Virgo, who tends to be very set in his ways. The last thing a Virgo man would do is change his plans, but it is no problem for the love of his life!

2. He Spoils You Silly

Virgo man in love putting jewelery on his woman
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A Virgo in love wants to live the best life with his partner every day. He will always look for ways to surprise you, take you on adventures, and make you feel loved. Virgo men enjoy giving thoughtful gifts to their significant other adding to the romance. He will spoil you silly, not just with gestures, but with attention and love too.

3. He Notices Every Detail About You

A shy Virgo man in love will not believe in grand gestures of professing love, but he has his unique ways to show his love. Ask him about the color of your dress when you met for the first time – and chances are he will know it. A Virgo man is very observant, which makes him remember the little details about you. He knows the name of the school you went to, your favorite food, and more. This is a way of him loving you.

A blogger, who is a Leo, shares her experience of falling in love with a Virgo man, highlighting their contrasting traits and reasons behind her attraction towards him. She says, “One of the things that drew me closer to the Virgo man was his thoughtfulness. He remembered the little things, the details that often went unnoticed by others (i).”

4. He Texts You All The Time

Woman smiling while reading texts
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A Virgo man in love will always sneak in a few seconds to text you, even though constant communication may not be his strong suit. But don’t expect mushy good morning texts from a Virgo. He is practical and believes in sending to-the-point texts. A good hint that he is in love with you is if he sends you cute messages or finds excuses to text you. For the practical Virgo, this is a big step and means more than it may seem to.

5. He Talks About The Future

Discussing the future is one of the prominent signs a Virgo man is falling in love with you. A Virgo man is practical and doesn’t believe in fairytale weddings. He will never pursue a relationship with you unless he is sure about a future together.

If he talks to you about plans for the future, he is definitely in love with you. However, remember that these future talks may not be romantic in nature. It could be something practical like discussing insurance plans or future homes – so if you find him discussing those, you know he’s deeply in love.

6. He Is Keen To Offer Help

Virgo men are great at helping people and are very friendly. But if he loves you, he will find ways to help you out. This stems from the fact that if he sees a future with you, he thinks it is his life too. Thus, your Virgo man may think of it as his responsibility to fix things, sort your tax papers, or give you advice without being asked.

7. He Is Caring And Possessive Of You

A Virgo man in love wants to be the hero of your life. If he truly loves you, he will take it upon himself to protect you and keep you safe. He will become extremely caring towards you and possessive at times. If he tends to worry a lot, he will constantly ask about your safety and whereabouts at times. This is a way for a Virgo to care for the love of his life.

8. He Admires Your Intelligence

A Virgo man may appreciate beauty, but he tends to fall for women whose intelligence he admires. If your man is attentive to your thoughts and viewpoints, it shows he respects them and likes you for your brains. A Virgo has a deep craving for mental stimulation and may get easily bored if he cannot find a partner to challenge him intellectually.

9. He Is Loyal Towards You

One of the best signs that a Virgo man is in love with you is that he will be completely loyal to you. Virgos are known to be one of the most faithful and trustworthy people among all the other zodiac signs. If your man is committed to you, he probably is very serious about you.

If you have managed to make a Virgo fall for you, you can be assured he will be with you for life. That said, loyalty is crucial for a Virgo, and he also expects it from the people he truly loves.

10. He Is Comfortable Opening Up To You

Virgos are one of the more serious and reserved signs of the zodiac. A Virgo is inherently skeptical and takes time to form bonds and trust people. Because they prefer to hide their emotions, Virgo men are less likely to open up or be vulnerable around other people.

It is always nerve-wracking for Virgos to let other people in because they tend to be self-conscious. So, if you find a generally emotionally closed Virgo man opening up to you and letting go of his restraints, it is a really good sign that he is in love with you.

These are some of the ways a Virgo man will act when he is in love. Next, let us understand what a Virgo man loves in a woman.

What Does A Virgo Man Like In A Woman?

A Virgo man, like any other man, wants acceptance and love. But a Virgo also looks for several other factors before choosing a life partner.

  • A Virgo man is attracted to intelligence more than physical beauty. This makes Virgos seek a woman who can have philosophical or intellectually stimulating conversations too.
  • A Virgo man is not afraid to speak his mind, so he seeks an honest woman who can call a spade a spade.
  • The self-conscious and overly self-critical Virgo male wants acceptance. Hence, he tends to be drawn towards women with a comforting nature who can support him through thick and thin.
  • A Virgo is very loyal when it comes to real relationships, and so is his need for loyalty from his partner. As such, a Virgo male will only be deeply connected to women who can offer him the same loyalty in a relationship.
  • Lastly, a Virgo man likes his woman to be rational, logical, and independent.
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Virgo men’s traits are being smart and analytical. Therefore, you can take them on dates to a science museum or go to an art film together to stimulate their intellect.

A true partner for a Virgo is someone who can don all these hats at once. But which traits do Virgo men dislike the most in women? Find out below.

What Does A Virgo Man Dislike In A Woman?

  • Since Virgo men want everything neat and orderly, and a woman who dresses sloppily or does not keep her house clean can be a big turn-off for them.
  • Virgo males tend to dislike women who are late. Punctuality is essential to Virgos, and they may think you are not serious about the relationship if you are constantly running late to see them.
  • Virgos do not like impolite or pretentious behavior. Women who are loud, flashy, or rude will drive Virgo men away!
  • Although a Virgo man likes to help and devote his energy and time to someone he loves, he is not fond of clingy women who cannot give him his space.
  • Virgos prefer to carefully think and analyze everything before making any decisions, especially in a relationship. So women who rush into things quickly and give in to their impulses without a second thought will not impress a Virgo man.
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A Virgo man’s traits make him least compatible with Gemini and Sagittarius. A Gemini is talkative, which can annoy a Virgo, while Sagittarius has an adventurous nature, which may conflict with Virgo’s cautious nature.

Remember that Virgo men take time to build relationships, so patience is key. Move to the next section to know the best possible matches for a Virgo man.

Best Matches For A Virgo Man

Virgos have a reserved and practical nature, so they tend to convey their feelings through actions and attention to detail. Some of the best matches for a Virgo man include:

  • Taurus: Both Taurus and Virgo share responsibility, practicality, and a love for stability, making them an ideal match.
  • Capricorn: Capricorn’s ambition aligns with Virgo’s work ethic, enabling a strong, goal-oriented partnership.
  • Cancer: Cancer’s caring nature provides emotional support to Virgo, fostering a stable, loving home.
  • Scorpio: Scorpio’s passion and intensity intrigue Virgo, while Virgo’s rationality balances Scorpio’s emotions, creating a deep, meaningful connection.

However, the best match for a Virgo man depends on individual compatibility, shared values, and effective communication within the relationship.

Infographic: Signs That Are Most Compatible With A Virgo Man

Virgo’s male traits are being loyal and tender-hearted. He appreciates his relationships and knows how to keep his partner close. However, not all zodiacs may vibe with this mutable sign. So, if you have been crushing on a Virgo man, check out this infographic to learn which zodiacs are an excellent match for him.


signs that are most compatible with a virgo man (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

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Virgo men are loyal, honest, and caring, and they make wonderful romantic partners. If you are the object of a Virgo male’s affections, nothing can stop them from loving and caring for you in the best possible way.

Affectionate and caring man with girlfriend
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A Virgo man takes time to open up, and hence you may find them difficult to read. But when they are in love with someone, they are extremely attentive, understanding, and sensitive towards them. They will treat their lover like royalty.

One has to be blind not to notice a Virgo man in love. This article will help you know if their actions around you could be possible signs hinting at you being the lucky one!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a Virgo man is disinterested in a relationship?

If a Virgo man does not try to help you, makes no time for you, brings up old issues, or stops talking about the future with you, then these are some signs that he is disinterested in a relationship with you.

What is a Virgo’s love language?

Virgo men love doing things for their partners, such as helping with chores, running errands, and taking care of practical issues. They value intellectual connection and express love through deep conversations.

Are Virgo men clingy?

No, they appreciate their independence and personal space and may not appreciate clinginess from others.

What breaks a Virgo man’s heart?

Betrayal, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, and lack of communication in a relationship can hurt a Virgo man.

What is the weakness of a Virgo man in love?

A Virgo man may overanalyze and critique an issue, creating insecurities and doubts within the relationship.

Do Virgo men confess their feelings?

Yes, they express their feelings and prefer to share deep conversations with the person they are in love with.

What are some things to keep in mind when dating a Virgo man?

Virgo men appreciate honesty, communication, attention to detail, personal space, cleanliness, and intelligence. They can be overthinking, critical, and picky at times as well. It is essential to be patient and communicate effectively with them.

What are some things that a Virgo man expects from his partner in a relationship?

Virgo men expect strong support, loyalty, respect for their independence and personal space, cleanliness, organized spaces, and intelligence from their partners.

What are some ways to keep a Virgo man interested in a long-term relationship?

Be patient and take things slow. Be trustworthy, take an interest in their projects, be respectful of his boundaries, keep things organized, and share your intelligence with him.

Key Takeaways

  • Love is subtle for the Virgo man as he is naturally shy and prefers to profess his feelings covertly.
  • The Virgo man favors a loyal, intelligent, and honest partner and puts her at the center of his life.
  • You can bet he is hinting at his love for you when he goes to any length to take care of you and love you.

Unlock the mysteries of a Virgo man’s love with the top 5 signs to look for. From his attentive nature to his thoughtful gestures, click on this video to reveal the unmistakable signals that indicate his genuine affection for you.

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