35 Best Snowflake Nail Art Ideas To Try This Winter Season

Let your nails steal the spotlight with quirky snowflake designs.

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Get ready to nail the winter vibes with the coolest nail trend in town – snowflake nail art! This snow-inspired nail trend is more of a frosty fashion statement blowing up faster than a snowstorm on social media. So, what better way to embrace the season of snow, marshmallows, and hot cocoa than by adorning your nails with intricate snowflake designs? From subtle snowfall vibes to full-blown blizzards, and from pretty pink to fiery red, we have got the scoop on the quirkiest and coolest designs to try this winter season. We have jotted down the best 35 snowflake nail art ideas, bringing the chill factor to your mani game. So, buckle up and scroll down to join the winter nail art game.

35 Simple And Easy Snowflake Nail Designs For You

Snowflake nail art is the perfect finishing touch to your winter nails. This trend is quite the rage during the holiday season, and the ideas shared below are easy to recreate. Check the designs below and pick one that fits your mood.

1. Pink Snowflake Nails

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Flaunt sassy pink nails each adorned with a delicate snowflake. It is like winter met a pop of attitude. Choose a pink-to-glitter ombre with occasional snowflake accents for a design that effortlessly brings the warmth of the season. Capture the enchantment of snowy Christmas on your fingertips with an easy yet magical touch.

2. Christmas Snowflakes Nails

‘Tis the season to be sparkly! Transform your nails into a festive wonderland with Christmas magic of red and green color and adorable snowflakes. To amp up the Christmas-y vibe, apply a vibrant green base adorned with dazzling Christmas tree decor. For holiday glamor add adorable snowflakes on a red and green base and golden, red, and white stripes on a green base. These beautiful colorful nails are Santa-approved and guaranteed to spread holiday cheer!

3. Blue Nails With Snowflakes

Embrace winter vibes with shades of blue, from deep hues to shimmering finishes. Paint them glossy blues and add some frosty flair with delicate snowflakes for the ultimate chill vibe. Your nails will capture the enchanting essence of the season with cool sophistication. Adorned with lovely snowflakes, your nails will exude festive charm effortlessly.

4. Red Nails With Snowflakes

Revv up the winter scene with the warmth of red-hot nails and cool frosty snowflakes. Add a touch of playful holiday spirit with white and silver stripes, turning your red base into a festive canvas. It is the perfect mix of fiery warmth and frosty flair, ensuring your nails are both on fire and ice this holiday season.

5. White Snowflake Nails

Make a statement with frozen snowflake Christmas nails. This design features classic elegance that meets winter whimsy capturing the enchanting beauty of the season. Use silver and white glitter for a realistic winter look on the tips and add delicate white snowflakes on those digits. It’s like having a winter wonderland at your fingertips—simple, stunning, and oh-so-snowy!

6. Acrylic Snowflake Nails

Make your nail game strong with the acrylic magic! Elevate your winter style with acrylic nails featuring intricate snowflakes. It’s not just a manicure, but a snowstorm of chic on your fingertips. Opt for a stylish transition from pink ombre to a white base color on all digits, with a unique touch of delicate white snowflakes adorning one digit for an extra flair of winter sophistication.

7. Black Snowflake Nails

Embrace your goth side with black nails that are anything but basic! Add a sprinkle of snowflakes for a touch of winter mystery. Opt for a black base paint with a delicate sprinkle of white, accentuated by snowflakes in a pristine white hue, creating a captivating contrast that adds an extra layer of sophistication to your winter-inspired manicure.

8. Winter Snowflake Nails

Let your nails cozy up to winter vibes with timeless ombré nails! The glittery tips, adorned with delicate white snowflakes, make them perfect for the holidays and beyond. You can use a different gradient like deep and light blues, or a contrasting gradient like red and green if the gradient shown in the above photo is too simple. Try this design and turn your nails into a frosty fairytale.

9. French Snowflake Nails

Take your nails on a Parisian journey with a snowy twist. Pair classic French tips with delicate snowflakes because your nails deserve a touch of sophistication. Opt for long French tips for added glamor, and consider adorning one or two digits with enchanting snowflakes, creating a perfect blend of classic style and winter charm.

10. White Nails With Blue Snowflakes

Picture pristine white nails adorned with cool blue snowflakes. Adorn one of the fingers with a snow globe to amp up the wintery vibe! It is like a winter sky decided to make a pitstop on your fingertips. Get ready for a flurry of compliments! For an extra touch of elegance, consider adding silver accents that sparkle like glistening snow, creating a mesmerizing winter-inspired masterpiece on your fingertips.

11. Cute Snowflake Nails

Winter just got a whole lot cuter! Let your fingertips channel the charm of a snow day – small, sweet, and impossible to resist. For an extra adorable touch, consider adding tiny silver accents that twinkle like snowfall, enhancing the irresistible charm of your winter-inspired manicure. Your fingertips are officially in the running for the title of “Snowflake Sweetheart.”

12. Red Nails With White Snowflakes

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Turn your nails into a winter romance! For a gentle holiday touch, go for red-hot and cold white nails. Add cutesy white and red snowflakes to those vibrant digits, creating a holiday love story on your fingertips to bring in the holiday mood. Throw in some red rhinestones and silvery stars and embrace the beauty and magic of winter. You can also choose delicate patterns in vibrant shades or keep them classy with a universal French manicure.

protip_icon Trivia
Maddie Ziegler, an American actress and dancer was once seen sporting a snowflake nail art with a red base.

13. Baby Blue Nails With Snowflakes

Elevate the chic factor by creating delicate white stripes on the blue base, resembling a stylish winter landscape. Enhance the winter magic with white snow-clad trees on select nails, turning your manicure into a fashionable winter wonderland. Make your fingertips echo your love for the icy season.

14. Simple Snowflake Nails

Keep it effortlessly chic with simple snowflake nails and sparkly tips. Sometimes, a touch of winter magic is all you need to let your nails do the talking. For extra flair, consider sheer nails with blue sparkly tips and delicate white snowflakes on one or two digits, adding a subtle yet enchanting twist to your winter-inspired manicure. This one is simple, stunning, and stylish!

15. Blue Christmas Nails With Snowflakes

Dive into the holiday spirit with blue nails and snowflakes, turning your fingertips into a festive celebration. For a merry twist, consider adding white snowflakes on one digit, adorning another with white and silver stripes, and adding a touch of festive flair with a present box or knot on a different digit, complete with a rhinestone for added holiday sparkle. Santa-approved chicness!

16. Glitter Snowflake Nails

Take your winter glam up a notch with glittering snowflake nails. For this one, opt for white nails and transparent tips, featuring a blend of delicate white and silver snowflakes alongside ribbons for an extra dazzling touch, creating a mesmerizing winter wonderland on your fingertips. It’s like a snowstorm meets a disco ball, and your nails are stealing the spotlight!

17. Red Christmas Nails With Snowflakes

Red Christmas nails with snowflakes because Santa called and said, “Your fingertips need to sleigh the holiday party!” For festive flair, consider a red base with a candy cane on one nail, and red tips adorned with knots, and add a touch of elegance with white French tips on another nail, complemented by sheer nails for varied and stylish nail art.

18. Clear Snowflake Nails

See-through sass! For an enchanting touch, consider adding black Scandinavian snowflakes on one or two digits, and golden glitter on the pinky, to enhance the graceful and minimalist charm of your beautiful manicure. Clear nails with snowflakes and stars are like your fingertips rocking the invisible cloak of winter chic. Winter elegance with a touch of mystery.

19. Short Snowflake Nails

Who says short can’t be show-stopping? Short snowflake nails, because sometimes the best things come in small packages. Throw in some black to add a frosty turn with the elegance of snowflakes. It’s like your fingertips are rocking a chic snowstorm. Flaunt Winter vibes on the down-low, but the style is sky-high. With this petite yet impactful style, let your nails make a subtle yet striking statement, proving that elegance knows no length.

20. White Nails With Silver Snowflakes

Make your nails a canvas where frosty elegance meets silver-screen glamor. For a touch of sophistication, consider pristine short nails with silver glittery knots, complemented by delicate white and silver snowflakes, creating a dazzling ensemble that’s sure to steal the spotlight wherever you go. Let it snow and sparkle!

21. Gray Snowflake Nails

Embrace the winter gloom with gray snowflake nails that are chic, moody, and a touch rebellious. Opt for a gray base adorned with white snowflakes, each accented with a sparkling rhinestone at the center, adding an extra layer of elegance. Consider a playful touch with one pinky nail featuring icy, sparkly glitter, creating a stunning contrast that elevates the cool and rebellious vibe of this nail art.

22. Half Snowflake Nails

Half snowflake nails – where winter meets asymmetrical chic. Throw in some fiery red sparkle and let your digits be the avant-garde of frosty fashion. For a playful touch, consider a pink base on two nails with sparkly red hot tips. For the half-and-half design, use red and pink bases, adorned with delicate white snowflakes on the pink side, creating a trendy and unique design. It’s like your nails decided to rock the coolest split personality with a snowy twist.

23. Ombré Snowflake Nails

Blend and snowflake! Ombre nails with a frosty twist – because winter vibes are even cooler when they seamlessly blend from one shade to another. Consider a transition from natural to white color on all the digits, adorned with delicate white petals and leaves, creating a beautiful contrast to the white snowflakes on the remaining nails. Embrace the gradient and let those snowflakes shine! It is a winter-inspired masterpiece that seamlessly blends chic sophistication with the beauty of nature.

24. Ice Blue Nails With Snowflakes

Create nails that are as cool as an Arctic breeze, adorned with delicate snowflakes by adding pearls and rhinestones on white knots and within the intricate patterns of the white snowflakes. Let your fingertips be ready for a winter wonderland adventure. Dive into the icicle coolness by creating a mesmerizing blend of icy sophistication and winter charm on your nails.

protip_icon Pro Tip
If you are a beginner, use bobby pins or Q-tips to get the perfect dot that will form the center of the snowflake.

25. Light Blue Snowflake Nails

Light up the winter sky with your fingertips! Let your digits host a chill winter party by painting them light blue and adorning delicate the epitome of soft elegance. Consider an all-blue base, except for one digit where a touch of pink with sparkly glitter adds a whimsical and festive vibe. Accentuate the blues with intricate white Scandinavian snowflakes or simple snowflakes, creating a charming ensemble that effortlessly blends soft elegance with a pop of winter magic.

26. Glossy Pink And White Snowflake Nails

Winter whimsy meets pink perfection! Pink and white snowflake nails, let winter romance meet playful charm on your fingertips. Consider a pink base with one digit adorned in sparkly pink, adding a playful and glamorous element. The other nails can showcase delicate white snowflakes, creating a charming ensemble that seamlessly blends the romance of winter with the delightful charm of pink, making your manicure a whimsical winter wonder.

27. Snowflake Accent Nails

Let your accent nail along with a cute snowflake to arrest every person’s attention. One featuring pink to red tips adorned with white snowflakes and a sparkling red rhinestone. It’s like giving winter a spotlight on your fingertips, chic, charming, and a touch of frosty flair. You can also add a dazzling twist by creating a gradient design on two digits and showcasing candy cane stripes on the other. This design will create a festive ensemble that turns your manicure into a captivating winter showcase.

28. Holographic Snowflakes Nails

Get holographic snowflake nails, because why settle for reality when your nails can have their own cosmic winter party? Opt for a hot blue base with holographic snowflakes scattered on two of the digits, transforming your nails into a dazzling spectacle of futuristic charm. Get ready for a mani that’s straight out of a futuristic winter wonderland!

29. Minimalist Snowflake Nails

Less snow, more chic! Choose a baby pink base color, and make golden silver tips on all the digits. Create a small delicate single white snowflake on one of the fingernails. Let your fingertips be the epitome of chic with a touch of frost. It is a subtle yet stunning detail that adds a touch of glamor to your minimalist winter-inspired manicure.

30. Colorshift Snowflakes Nails

Change is the only constant, especially on your fab winter nails! Opt for long nails adorned with metallic purple colors and snowflakes in varying sizes, creating a dynamic and eye-catching pattern. Get ready for a dazzling nail journey by pairing them with a glittery sheer base, adding a touch of sparkle to complete the glamorous winter look. This will give the image of as if your nails are having a winter disco party.

31. Gothic Snowflakes Nails

Embrace your love for dark academia by getting this design. For a captivating twist, alternate matte black and glossy black base colors on digits, adorned with intricate black snowflakes. The gradient effect adds a mysterious and stylish dimension, turning this stylish design into a bold statement of gothic elegance. Let your digits be the tale of the dark romance in a snowy fairy tale.

32. Red Marble And White Snowflakes Nails

Enhance the allure with two digits showcasing a mesmerizing marble effect in red and white. Opt for a glossy red base adorned with delicate white snowflakes, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and winter enchantment at your fingertips. Try this nail art, because your nails deserve a dose of luxe mixed with frosty finesse. Winter glam, but make it marble!

33. Silver Tips And Half-Snowflakes Nails

Silver tips for the win! Add a touch of glam to your winter game with silver-tipped nails and dainty white snowflakes. For an ethereal twist, incorporate sheer nails with silver dots in the center of the half snowflakes, creating a subtle and enchanting winter-inspired look that adds a touch of whimsical elegance to your overall manicure. Your fingertips are now shining bright like winter stars. Shine on you, snow queen!

34. Starry Snowflakes Nails

Reach for the stars, literally! Starry snowflakes on your nails for a celestial touch, because why stop at winter vibes when you can have a galaxy on your fingertips? Enhance the celestial magic with silver shining stars and dots, transforming your nails into a dazzling night sky that’s sure to make your manicure truly out-of-this-world.

35. Sheer Snowflakes Nails

Embrace this chic style for a delicate winter touch on your nails. Elevate the look with French tips adorned with delicate snowflakes on top and a sparkling rhinestone in the middle, adding a touch of sophistication to your sheer and frosty nail art. It’s like your fingertips are wrapped in a snowy veil, leaving a trail of elegance wherever you go. You can also get on this trend using your favorite colors as well to put your twist on it.

The love for these snowflake nail designs is undeniable. People love this Instagram-worthy nail art for its charming and seasonal appeal. From the elegance of classic white snowflakes to the avant-garde allure of holographic patterns, there is a design for everyone, regardless of their personal preferences. Moreover, what better way to up your winter style statement than by embracing this delicate and festive nail art? So, draw inspiration from our snowflake nail art ideas listed above, and let your fingertips tell the coolest winter tales ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a negative space snowflake design?

Yes, you can create a negative space snowflake design by leaving some parts of your nail bare to form the snowflake shape. Use a thin brush and white polish for clean lines.

How can I prevent my snowflake nail art from chipping?

You can seal the edges of nails with both base and top coat. Try and avoid soaking your nails in water for an extended time.

What is the best way to remove glitter or textured polish from snowflake nail art?

For glitter or textured polish removal, soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it on your nail, and wrap it with aluminum foil. Let it sit for a few minutes before gently rubbing off the polish to avoid damage.

Key Takeaways

  • Snowflake nail art is a popular and trendy way to embrace the winter season.
  • Designs range from classic white snowflakes to bold holographic patterns, catering to various preferences.
  • Choose versatile winter colors like icy blues, deep reds, and classic whites for snowflake nail art to capture the essence of the season.
snowflake nail art

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Want to try snowflake nail art? Check out this video for simple steps to create the easiest yet stunning winter nails. Be ready to slay the holiday nail game with these beautiful delicate snowflake nails.

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